About the demo
1st March, 2021

UPDATE: All new email subscribers get a free copy of the demo, you’ll receive a link to download in your welcome email. 




Hi y’all,


A few notes on the demo…


This is v0.1 of Machines Have Lucid Dreams, dubbed ‘Hide and Seek’ in the IVNGERM offices; an alternate dimension of the world we have created. It has a different ending, and entirely unique (to this dimension) dialogue. Here, you can encounter some of the myriad objects you will meet in v1.0, and while you cannot combine the items you find (yet!), you can collect them all!


In this version of the game, the train station your character arrives in coming in from out of town is still open. It will be closed in the final version of the game. Likewise, this is the only chance you will have to visit the seaside…


It takes about 20 minutes to complete, give or take. 


If you get stuck, go talk to the whirligig on the hill – he hears whispers on the wind.


Feel free to let us know what you think about the demo. We’d love to hear your thoughts! Also, please report any bugs you might encounter (pretty sure I’ve got them all, but you never know with these things…).




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