Give me warm, give me soft
9th March, 2021

Hey gang,

So we made a short film using the objects from the game.

Did you know all the objects in the game come from real life? We brought together photographs of the objects in different states of collapse for a two-channel video, to work alongside a video work I made last year using free-spinning scaffolding poles. When the poles collide (making an absolute racket), we cut to the next state of collapse for the objects.

The title references a video game – 10 points to the first reader to guess the reference. 👹

We have sent this video off to an open call hoping to get it exhibited. We find the entrancing, stimulating effect of the video VS it eventually becoming quite unbearable interesting – the meditative-like chimes growing into an industrial cacophony. It’s a bit of a stretch but this could be related to video games if you think about it.

Sometimes it is difficult to know when to stop when all your senses are being entertained, and this is especially difficult when you are playing a game with no clear end. It’s entirely up to you to choose when to leave. This happens a bit to us sometimes when we are playing Valheim 8) The secret is to get out of there and move on to something else once you realize you’re no longer enjoying yourself. That how we keep it fresh here at IVNGERM studios 🌻



P.S. disclaimer – we couldn’t find the black fluffball object used in-game for our video, so let’s pretend it’s hidden in the darkness…

P.P.S. you may have noticed that the cardboard cylinder is smaller than as pictured in-game. We could only find a smaller till roll for this photoshoot… So if we have been referring to the object lovingly as ‘ol’ roll’ up until now (amongst ourselves in the office), this would be ‘young roll’. Everyone say hello to young roll.

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