“A metaphysical game about finding meaning through 10 small objects”


 “Machines Have Lucid Dreams” is a point and click adventure with a unique object-stacking mechanic that allows for 120+ combinations to be discovered through only a few ingredients. These can be shown to 8 fully scripted machines characters, who interpret meaning in your creations whilst recalling the past.


By listening carefully, you can discover how to free them from the troubles that have kept them rooted on the earth for so long.


Our story is now feature-length and approaching the end of development.


In development since 2020, the game is being made for PC by IVNGERM.


We are a uk based, two person independent studio 

(Ivan Kashdan and Blithe Germ). This will be our first commercial title.


Outside of games the team has a background in fine art

We met studying at Slade.


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Party hat Machines Have Lucid Dreams
Well now Machines Have Lucid Dreams
The fire is spreading! Machines Have Lucid Dreams
Making me nervous Machines Have Lucid Dreams