Virtual Theatre
6th March, 2021

Hey y’all,

I wanted to tell you about a new kind of theatrical performance Blythe and I have been testing out. Since physical venues are hard to come by these days, we thought we would see if we can empty out all the rooms in Machines Have Lucid Dreams and use its backgrounds, mechanics and characters as the backdrop for a new show. We stripped down the game engine to make this performance possible, programming in a set of keys for the performance so we could move to any room we like at the press of a button.

The show is called Grey Room, and it starts with a child 🧒 (played by the glamorous Blithe Germ) playing with her toys in a (for lack of a better description) ‘grey room’. But the child is not trapped here and can go where she likes, with her imagination, to play. I myself play consecutively: the voice of god, myself, a 🤖, and the little girl’s mother – for the record 8) We partly scripted the dialogue while allowing room for improvisation.

We like to think the result is somewhere between a ‘let’s play’ from the developers and a short film… What do you think? We’d love to know. 💌  This is just a two-minute clip, but we are hoping to give it another shot soon and aim for a longer presentation. Perhaps even a feature-length epic!!!

This is part of an effort to make Machines Have Lucid Dreams exist in multiple realities accessible to all. Those who like to play 🎮 and those who like to watch 📺 8) x

Love and until the next time,


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